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In this issue, we assemble the first cargo Crane that will be installed on the Promenade Deck of your Titanic.




Materials: The Tie Rods and Crane Cable are metal and the remaining parts are plastic.


  • Needle-nose Pliers


  • Giant of the Sea – The Gilded Age of Cunard (Part III)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Digital Instructions (click image to download)

Agora Models consolidated the printed build instructions for Pack 17 (Issues 93 – 98) into a single digital PDF file:


The First Loading Crane

Step 1

Fit the larger loop of the Crane Cable over this eyelet of the Crane Body (Front), orienting it as shown.

To tell the difference between the small wire parts – the Crane Cable has loops at both ends, while the Tie Rods do not. Note how both loops of the Crane Cable face down here:

Next, capture this Cable in place by pressing the pin of the Connecting Pin into the hole of the Crane Body (Front), orienting it as shown:

Then, press the two pins of the Crane Body (Front) and the rear pin of the Connecting Pin into the matching three holes of the Crane Body (Rear), as shown:

Step 2

Fit the eyelets on the wider end of the Crane Jib to either side of this hole of the Crane Body, as shown.

If you look closely, there are molding marks on one side of the Jib. I chose to put them on the underside of the Jib to be less visible:

Press the Long Hinge Pin (smooth end first) through the eyelets and hole to secure this Jib to the Body, as shown.

Use the supplied Pliers to help squeeze this pin into place until it is flush on both sides:

Step 3

Secure the Hook, Crane Cable, and Washer between the eyelets at the narrow end of the Crane Jib with the Short Hinge Pin.

We will be passing this Short Hinge Pin (smooth end first) through these parts in a specific order:

  • The first eyelet of the Crane Jib
  • The Hook
  • The small loop of the Crane Cable
  • The Washer
  • The second eyelet of the Crane Jib

I found it easier to start the Pin through the Jib first, and then fit the Hook onto it as shown:

I then pushed the Pin in a bit further and inserted the Crane Cable loop and Washer:

Finally, I pressed the Pin through the other side of the Jib:

This should be our Crane assembly so far:

Step 4

Fit the loops of the two Tie Rods over the upper posts (circled below) of the Crane Body (Front).

These two Tie Rods are not the same. Make sure the wire exits the top of the loop, and the angled end points in towards the Crane Jib, as shown:

Then, press the angled tip at the other end of each Rod into the small notches at the far end of the Crane Jib.

These are simply press-fit connections, but you can use a drop of super glue if needed:

Here, we have our completed Crane Body:

Step 5

Fit the large post on the bottom of this Crane Body assembly into the hole on top of the Crane Base, as shown:

Secure the Body to the Base with one (1) HP screw.

The tighter you make this screw, the harder it will be to adjust the position of the Crane Body:

Step 6

Retrieve your Promenade Deck assembly from Issue 76. Firmly press the pin and posts of the Crane Body into the three matching holes at this port (left) rear location of the Deck, as shown:


Alright, we have assembled the first of many cranes aboard our Titanic model! I was surprised it had as many parts as it did – very nice!

Next Up

Issue 94 – Crane Base/Body/Hook/Pins/Jib/Tie Rods/Cable/Washer, Columns