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In this issue, we install the lower hull section opposite the engine room opening to our RMS Titanic model.




Materials: This part is metal.


  • Giant of the Sea – Persic: Bound for Australia
  • Edwardian Era – The Biggest Diamond in the World
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Digital Instructions (click image to download)

Agora Models consolidated the printed build instructions for Pack 16 (Issues 87 – 92) into a single digital PDF file:


The Next Section of the Hull (Lower Starboard Side)

As I have been doing through this build, I airbrushed this Hull section with Vallejo Anti-Fouling Red 71.442 acrylic paint and sealed it in with Vallejo Satin Varnish 70.522:

Since this is piece is also the interior wall we will be able to see behind the Engines, I chose to spray the inner surface with Vallejo 71.001 White:

Step 1

Retrieve your Hull assembly from the previous issue. Fit this Hull Section, Lower Starboard Side to the lower right keel, aligning the forward mounting tabs to the matching posts of the existing Hull section as shown.

TIP: Before installing this, you may want to attach the upper Hull section from the next issue first. I ended up having to detach this section again:

Step 2

Secure this Hull into place with two (2) LM screws.

The Allen Key for this screw was supplied with Issue 15. However, I have been using a stubby bit ratchet with a 2mm Hex bit to make tightening these screws much quicker and easier. This is also your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:


As I mentioned in the previous issues, be careful while handling the entire Hull assembly as these rear vertical wall sections are not well supported until the bottom keel parts arrive.

Next Up

Issue 88 – Upper Starboard Hull

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