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In this issue, we will add two bulkheads and a parapet wall to our bridge deck along with the first LED strip.




Materials: All of the non-electrical parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – White Star’s Delphic and Gothic
  • Edwardian Era – Rudyard Kipling: Author and Patriot
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Details for the Bridge Deck

For light blocking purposes, I airbrushed the inner surfaces of the Bulkheads with the same black and chrome paint treatment I have used throughout my Titanic build:

Next, I masked off the lower interior wall of the Parapet and gave it the same paint treatment:

When we look at the front of this Parapet, you will see six portholes with what appears to be storm shutters in place. Now, these would normally have been windows from the hallways and cabins looking into the forward well deck. Other Titanic modelers choose to drill out these portholes, but I am not great with drilling out plastic in a perfect line. Therefore, I am calling them sealed from the weather and moving on. However, I did color in the two outer portholes with my Ultra Fine Tip Black Sharpie:

Step 1

Fit two Connectors over these keyed posts on the inside of each Bulkhead:

Secure these Connectors into place with four (4) AP screws – two for each Bulkhead:

Continuing with my Frosted Windows mod, I also glued sanded pieces of acrylic sheet to the insides of the window openings. I needed to install the Connectors first so I could see how much room I had for each piece.

Here is the other Bulkhead ready to install:

Step 2

Retrieve your Bridge Deck assembly from the previous issue. Fit the rounded tabs of the Starboard Bulkhead over the matching posts at this location of the Forward Section of the Bridge Deck:

Note how the bottom tab of the Bulkhead fits down into a matching slot of the Bridge Deck. If you find the wooden Decking is blocking the slot, simply open up the slot by pushing the wood down through it with a flat head screwdriver or similar tool:

On the opposite side, fit the rounded tabs of the Port Bulkhead over the posts at this location of the Forward Section of the Bridge Deck:

Secure these Bulkheads into place with four (4) AP screws – two on each side:

This is what the front of our Bridge Deck looks like so far:

Step 3

In the same way as before, fit four Connectors over these keyed posts on the inside of the Parapet. Then, secure these parts together with four (4) AP screws:

Step 4

Fit the Connectors of this Parapet to these matching posts under the front edge of the Forward Section, as shown:

The Parapet needs to be angled to fit around the front edge of the Bridge Deck. Once fitted, it should look like this:

Before we fully secure this Parapet into place, I wanted to add the ‘rust’ colored paint to the lower half of this exterior wall. This is to match the same paint we used along the front wall and sides of our Forward Well Deck. To get the positioning right, I first retrieved my Hull assembly and temporarily lowered the long posts on the bottom of this Bridge Deck assembly into the cross supports. This is how it will eventually be installed later on:

Next, I used small pieces of masking tape to mark off where our painted side walls of the Forward Well Deck will meet this Parapet:

Then, I removed the Parapet from the Bridge Deck and masked off the upper exterior section, as shown. The raised details of the ‘portholes’ is going to let some paint bleed underneath, but that is OK:

Finally, I airbrushed the lower Parapet wall with the same Mission Models MMW-05 Standard Rust acrylic paint I used before for this area of the ship. Once the paint was no longer ‘wet’, I removed the masking and scraped away any paint overspray with the edge of my hobby knife:

Once this Parapet was reinstalled, it looked like this:

Finish securing  the Connectors into place with four (4) AP screws:

Step 5

On the underside of the Forward Section, clip the LED Strip into this matching location matching the corner notches together as shown.

In the publisher’s instructions under this step, they keep referring to the Forward Section as part 82A, this is incorrect- it is part 81A:


As this is at the front of our Titanic, I feel it is going to be looked at quite often. I don’t know what the designers of the model were thinking regarding the Parapet portholes, but it still doesn’t look bad. Safely store the unused LED Cable as it will be needed in a future set of issues.

Next Up

Issue 84 – Cabin Bulkheads, LED Strip/Cable, Windows, Connectors

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