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In this issue, we add decking to the second section of the bridge deck before attaching it to the previous section.




Materials: The Decking parts are wood veneer, the Joining Pieces are metal, and the deck Section is plastic.


  • Edwardian Era – Wilver and Orville Wright: High Fliers
  • A Date with Destiny – Annie Caton: Titanic Masseuse
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Second Section of the Bridge Deck

In the previous issue, I airbrushed the interior floor surfaces of this Second Section of the Bridge Deck with the same black and chrome paint treatment I have used throughout my Titanic build. For the exposed exterior walls, I laid a coat of white paint over top to restore the original color of the inside surface of the walls. Also, I did paint over the ‘flooring’ design printed on this part as I will be upgrading it in this issue. I would mask off this area if you want to keep the stock look:

Step 1

Retrieve your Forward Section of the Bridge Deck assembly from the previous stage. Fit the six posts at the forward end of the Second Section of the Bridge Deck into the matching aft (rear) holes of the Forward Section.

You may find this easier if you tilt the aft end of the Second Section down to get the posts started, then slowly pivot it up into place:

As you tilt the Second Section up, be sure to align these tabs of the Forward Section inside the walls of the Second Section (on both sides), as shown:

Next, locate these two slots along the upright walls at the joint. Press the tabs on the ends of a Joining Piece down into these slots to further secure these two Bridge Sections together, as shown.

I found that securing these Joining Pieces in place with a bit of super glue on each end is definitely helpful:

In the same way on the opposite side, secure the second Joining Piece down into the matching slots:

Step 2

Gently flip this assembly over and secure these Sections together with six (6) AP screws.

The instructions would have us do this before adding the Joining Pieces, but these large Bridge Sections have a sheer (curved bottom) to them. I wanted them to be aligned correctly before I installed the screws:

With these Sections now connected, I added my a piece of my custom flooring back to the first-class staircase area (see Issue 49 for details):

Step 3

Test fit the Port Decking in the matching port (left-side) recess across the seam between the two Sections. When happy with the fitment, carefully remove the backing paper from the Decking. Then, slowly adhere it into place, aligning it to the matching shape of the Deck as shown.

Be very gentle with this Decking as it is fragile and can easily snap apart. As with all of my Decking, these pieces were sprayed (on the exposed sticky side) with my 3M 45 General Purpose Spray Adhesive:

Repeat this process to install the Starboard Decking in this matching right-side recess between the two Sections:


This Bridge Deck just keeps getting bigger! I see that we are going to have to update the model a bit as these new Decking areas are actually two sections of the ship on each side – this will be done in Issue 84.

Next Up

Issue 83 – Parapet, LED Strip/Cable, Bulkheads, Connectors

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