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In this issue, the exterior windows of the First Class Smoking Room are installed before we attach it to our deck.




Materials: The Windows are photo-etch metal while the other non-electrical parts are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – The Two Lives of RMS Majestic
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


First-Class Smoking Room

As before, to help with light blocking, I masked off the exterior walls of this First-Class Smoking Room and airbrushed the interior with a coat of Vallejo Model Air 71.057 Black and Vallejo Model Air 71.064 Chrome Metallic acrylic paints:

Continuing with my Frosted Windows mod, I glued sanded strips of acrylic sheet to the insides of the window openings. I saved the strips for the Smoking Room windows for later as they were stained glass on the real ship and I want to add color. I did add ‘glass’ to the arched windows here:

Step 1

Carefully cut the sixteen (16) Large Windows A from the photo-etch sheet.

TIP: Take care not to lose any of these Windows as we will use every one of them!

Super glue these Windows into these matching openings along both sides of the First-Class Smoking Room.

Working on one window at a time, I applied a couple tiny drops of super glue onto the recessed ledge of a window opening. Make sure the horizontal crossbar of these windows is closer to the top of the wall, as shown. I highly recommend using a tool such as the Vallejo T12005 Pick & Place Tool – it makes short work of installing these windows:

Once these First-Class Smoking Room windows were installed, I took my strips of acrylic sheet and used my Brush Sharpies to simulate the stained glass that would have filled them. This was applied to the sanded (interior) side:

This ‘stained glass’ is a small detail that is not easily visible, but I enjoy things like this!

Step 2

Carefully cut the two (2) arched Small Windows A from the photo-etch sheet:

As before, glue these Small Windows into the matching openings in the aft wall of the Smoking Room.

Fun Fact: On the real ship, these windows allowed light into a large Fan Room. The four small recesses in the walls would have been louvered vents:

Step 3

Carefully cut the eight (8) arched Small Windows B from the photo-etch sheet:

Glue these Small Windows into the matching openings along both forward corners of the Smoking Room, as shown:

Step 3

Carefully cut the eight (8) arched Large Windows B from the photo-etch sheet.

I decided to add a bit of realism to these last eight Windows. This area of the ship would have been the Veranda/Palm Court on both sides. The windows here were more decorative, with white frames and inlaid gold leaf on the window edges. To replicate this in the most basic way, I first airbrushed one side of the Large Windows B on the sheet with Vallejo Model Air 71.001 White acrylic paint:

Next, I used my Gold Metallic Sharpie to carefully ‘paint’ the frame edges:

Then, I carefully removed these Large Windows B from the sprue:

Glue these Large Windows B into the matching openings along both aft sides of the Smoking Room, as shown:

I’m not sure if we will even be able to see these Windows once the sides of the ship go on, but I had fun doing it anyway!

Step 5

Retrieve your Promenade Deck assembly from the previous issue. Fit this First-Class Smoking Room to this matching area at the rear of the Deck, aligning the mounting lugs over the posts as shown:

The forward wall of this Smoking Room should slide behind the wall of the Staircase, as shown:

Also, make sure these three tabs along each side are seated in the matching slots of the Deck:

Secure the Smoking Room into place with twelve (12) AP screws – six screws at each end:

Step 6

Press the two pins of a Support Frame into these matching holes on the starboard side of the Promenade Deck:

As these Support Frames are delicate and could be damaged as we continue work on the Promenade Deck, I did not install either of them on my model just yet. Also, since these were actually pillars on the real ship with no bottom ‘rail’, I will modify them before they are actually installed. These pictures are for reference if you choose to install them now:

In the same way, press the two pins of the other Support Frame into these matching holes on the port side of the Promenade Deck:

Step 7

Carefully turn your Promenade Deck assembly over. Clip the LED Strip into place at this aft location, matching the angled corners as shown:

Connect the plug of this LED Strip into socket J2 of the next LED Strip, as shown:

Step 8

Retrieve your four leftover LED Cables (marked ‘Z’) from Issue 72, Issue 73, Issue 74, and Issue 75. Connect one LED Cable between the sockets J3 of the LED Strips on either end of the aft grand staircase opening.

To prevent this Cable from possibly being visible from above, route it around the Staircase opening, as shown:

Moving forward, connect another LED Cable between the socket J2 of the previous LED Strip and socket J1 of the next Strip towards the front of the ship, as shown:

Moving forward again, connect the third LED Cable between the sockets J3 of the LED Strips on either end of the forward staircase opening.

Route this Cable around the staircase opening so it will not be easily visible, as shown:

Finally, at the front of the Promenade Deck, connect the fourth LED Cable between socket J2 of the forward LED Strip and the MOT/LED socket of the Tester (from Issue 3), as shown:

With batteries installed in our Tester, we should have working lights along the entire length of the Promenade Deck.

They are all lit correctly in this picture, I just did not want to darken the image too much:

While that step completes this issue, I wanted to fix a weird inaccuracy I noticed. Along the walls of the Smoking Room there is this weird ‘doorway’ on both sides. This is not supposed to be there and I have no idea why it is. I decided to seal them up using some spare white card stock:

I glued the card stock sheets together to match the thickness of the plastic wall and then trimmed it to fit tightly into the opening:

Then, to seal this ‘plug’ in place, I glued two larger layers of card stock to the interior surface of it – this was glued to the plug and the walls on either side:

The same process was used to seal up the other side as well:

With that, we have now completed our entire Promenade Deck. It barely fits on my workshop desk!


With so many Windows to install, this issue went on for longer than usual. But, with it behind us, we now have our Promenade Deck finished and ready for installation! You can safely store this assembly for now as the rest of this pack will deal with adding Hull sections.

Next Up

Issue 77 – Lower Hull Section (Port Side)

5 thoughts on “ISSUE 76”

  1. Hi there, I am thinking about buying the Vallejo T12005 Pick & Place Tool you use. I just don’t understand how it works/helps…can you briefly explain? Thank you!

    1. Each end of the P&P Tool has small silicone balls that are slightly sticky. These let you pick up small light parts and fit them where you want. With a small twist of the tool, it will detach from the part leaving it in place.

    1. Hi again, I had to order a different one, as that one was shipping from another country with shipping higher cost than the tool. Anyway, this pick&place tool is awesome and PERFECT for window placement. Thank you again! I check on your website every day and am a big fan of your work!

      1. Awesome, I use it all the time for small parts, windows, etc. You can clean the ends with soap/water to return the stickiness by the way.

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