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In this issue, we will add the first lighting to the Promenade Deck as well as some details and the Second-Class Entrance.




Materials: The Windows are photo-etch metal, but the other non-electrical parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – Doric and Ionic: Two Ships, Many Owners
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Details for the Promenade Deck

As before, to help with light blocking, I masked off the exterior walls of this Second-Class Entrance and airbrushed the inner walls with a coat of Vallejo Model Air 71.057 Black and Vallejo Model Air 71.064 Chrome Metallic acrylic paints:

As part of my Frosted Windows mod, I added strips of sanded acrylic sheet to the inside walls of the Second-Class Entrance behind the window openings. Unfortunately, I forgot to do this until I was nearly done with the issue (you can see the Windows are installed already here):

As for the First-Class Staircase, I painted it in the same way as the first one back in Issue 48. Note that I pre-installed the Staircase Panelling so this could all be painted together as one piece:

I hand-painted the Benches as I have before using Vallejo Model Air 71.057 Black acrylic paint on the ends, and then gave them a light coat of Vallejo Game Wash 73.200 Sepia to bring out the details a bit better:

As with my previous deck fans/vents, I hand-painted the Ventilator cowl opening with Vallejo Model Air 71.270 Off-White acrylic paint:

Finally, I added my custom flooring around the staircase opening in the Third Section of Promenade Deck (see Issue 49 for details):

Step 1

Retrieve your Promenade Deck assembly from the previous issue and turn it over. Clip the LED Strip into the forward section, matching the corner notches together as shown:

Step 2

Fit the First-Class Staircase over the matching posts at this location on the underside of the Promenade Deck.

Make sure the two rear pins are fully seated on the matching pins, as shown:

Secure the Staircase to the Deck with three (3) AP screws:

Press the two tabs of the Staircase Panelling into the matching slots of the First-Class Staircase, as shown.

I had already installed this Panelling before I added the wash to my Staircase:

Step 3

Super glue the tabs of the Benches into the slots at these four matching locations on the aft (rear) Promenade Deck.

Make sure these Benches are facing the correct direction, as shown:

Step 4

Likewise, glue the two pins of the Ventilator into the matching holes at this location on the aft Promenade Deck.

The pins/holes are different sizes here so this will only fit correctly one way. On my model, I have only been press-fitting these details in place just in case more detailed version become available at a later time:

Step 5

Carefully cut the six Windows (72E) from the photo-etch sheet. Glue these Windows into the matching openings around the walls of the Second-Class Entrance, as shown.

Working on one window at a time, I applied a couple tiny drops of super glue onto the recessed ledge of a window opening. I highly recommend using this Vallejo T12005 Pick & Place Tool – it makes short work of installing these windows:

Step 6

With your Promenade Deck upside down, fit the four lugs of the Second-Class Entrance down over these matching aft (rear) posts:

Secure the Entrance to the Deck with four (4) AP screws:

To help keep light from possibly leaking out around this Entrance, I used Black Tulip Fabric Paint to seal the gap:


It feels strange to mount structure walls to the underside of a Deck section, but it works!

Next Up

Issue 73 – First Class Entrance and Cabins, Partition Bulkheads, LED Strip/Cable, Windows

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