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In this issue, we will extend the length of our Promenade Deck with a third section.




Materials: The Decking parts are wood veneer and the Promenade Deck is plastic.


  • A Date with Destiny – William Thomas Stead: Between Two Worlds
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Third Section of the Promenade Deck

As before, to help with light blocking, I masked off the interior areas of this Third Section of Promenade Deck and airbrushed them with a coat of Vallejo Model Air 71.057 Black and Vallejo Model Air 71.064 Chrome Metallic acrylic paints. While this deck has a patterned floor sticker around the staircase opening (why didn’t the first one), I painted over it as I am adding my own flooring:

Note that I masked off the two small staircases so they would remain white:

Step 1

Test fit the Decking for Starboard Side on the right side of the Third Section of the Promenade Deck. When happy with the fitment, carefully remove the backing paper from the Decking. Then, slowly adhere it into place, making sure to align the holes in this Decking to the matching Deck holes.

Be very gentle with this Decking as it is fragile and can easily snap apart. As with all of my Decking, these pieces were sprayed (on the exposed sticky side) with my 3M 45 General Purpose Spray Adhesive:

Step 2

In the same way, test fit and secure the Decking for Port Side to the left side of the Third Section of Promenade Deck. Again, make sure to align the holes in this Decking to the matching Deck holes:

Step 3

Retrieve your Promenade Deck assembly from the previous issue. Fit its four rear mounting tabs to the matching posts along the front edge of the Third Section of Promenade Deck, as shown:

Secure these two sections of Promenade Deck together from below with four (4) AP screws:


This is fun, we are building a huge piece of the ship very quickly!

Next Up

Issue 71 – Fourth Promenade Deck, Decking

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