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In this issue, we will attach the forward bulkhead to our Promenade deck and then add a cross support to the hull.




Materials: The Cross Support is metal and the other parts are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – A New Era: Campania and Lucania
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Forward Bulkhead for Promenade Deck

To simulate the appearance of a wooden railing, I hand-brushed some Vallejo Model Air 71.032 Golden Brown acrylic paint to the upper flat ledge of my Forward Bulkhead for Promenade Deck. I left the three vertical support pillars white:

While this part includes the front railing of our Promenade Deck, the lower part of it is the forward wall of the Shelter Deck (Deck C). Therefore, I masked off the lower interior section and painted it with the same light-blocking black and chrome paints I used everywhere else:

Similarly, since these are cabin windows, I needed to add bits of sanded acrylic behind the openings for my Frosted Windows mod. To make sure the openings would be completely covered, I cut small bits of the horizontal ‘rib’ away to make room for the acrylic pieces:

With the paint dry and the masking removed, you can see how I only light-blocked the lower interior section of this part:

The window pieces were then positioned to align with the top edge of each window and super-glued into place:

Finally, in order for my new windows to fit into the front of the Promenade Deck, I had to make matching cuts in the forward lip as shown:

Step 1

Fit the two keyed Connectors to these matching posts of the Forward Bulkhead for Promenade Deck, as shown:

Secure these Connectors in place with two (2) AP screws – one for each:

Step 2

Retrieve your Promenade Deck assembly from the previous issue. Fit the Connectors over these matching posts underneath the forward edge of the Deck, as shown.

This works best if you begin to fit the Forward Bulkhead at an angle, as shown:

Once fitted and perpendicular, make sure the tabs at each end of the Forward Bulkhead are pressed firmly onto these matching pins:

Secure the Connectors to the Promenade Deck with two (2) AP screws:

You can see here why I needed to make cuts in both of these parts to fit the frosted window pieces:

Step 3

Retrieve your Hull assembly from Issue 66. Fit the Cross Support onto these two Brackets, orienting it as shown:

Secure the Cross Support into place with four (4) AM screws:

On my model, the two screws on the port (left) side did not want to bite at all. I ended up using spare LM screws here:


This Forward Bulkhead includes the three pillars that originally supported the weight of the overhanging navigation bridge of our Titanic. Take care not to damage them as we handle this Promenade Deck assembly during its construction.

Next Up

Issue 69 – Second Promenade Deck, Aft First Class Staircase, Decking

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