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In this issue, we will build the Second-Class Entrance and add two more Benches to our Boat Deck.




Materials: All of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – Britannic: Innovation in Ship Design
  • Edwardian Era – The Second Boer War
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Entrance to Second-Class Area

  • Back in Issue 57, I airbrushed the Piping C/D parts from this issue with my Mission Models British Sand Yellow acrylic paint to match my Funnels. At the same time, I airbrushed the interior surfaces of this Second-Class Entrance with black and chrome paint to light block it.
  • Back in Issue 58, I hand-painted the Benches in this issue with black paint and sepia wash.
  • Finally, as part of my Frosted Windows mod, I added strips of sanded plastic to the inside walls of this Entrance behind the window openings.

To add another ‘accuracy’ touch to Piping A and Piping B, I masked off and painted the ‘upturn’ of the pipes right at the first cross-support:

Step 1

NOTE: As I had already sprayed all of the Decking in this pack with my 3M adhesive, I changed the order of these steps from the magazine.

Carefully remove the backing paper from the Decking piece and slowly apply it to the roof of the Second-Class Entrance, as shown.

Be very gentle with this Decking as it is fragile and can easily snap apart. As with all of my Decking, these pieces were sprayed (on the exposed sticky side) with my 3M 45 General Purpose Spray Adhesive.

I was not able to get a usable picture here, but you can see this Decking placed in the next step.

Step 2

Glue the two pins of the Port Bulkhead (60F) into the matching holes/recess on the left-side of the Second-Class Entrance, as shown.

Note how the ladder details of these Bulkheads face towards the front of the Entrance – away from the tall arched vents:

In the same way, glue the Starboard Bulkhead (60G) to this right-side of the Second-Class Entrance as shown:

Then, as before, carefully secure the Port Decking and Starboard Decking to the top of the these two Bulkheads, aligning the grain as shown:

Step 3

Retrieve your brown Windows photoetch sheet from Issue 51. Cut seven of the arched Large Windows (51F) from this sheet:

Glue these Large Windows into the matching openings around the walls of the Second-Class Entrance, as shown.

Working on one window at a time, I applied a couple tiny drops of super glue onto the recessed ledge of a window opening. However, instead of using tweezers as before, I picked up this fantastic Vallejo T12005 Pick & Place Tool:

At each end of this tool are different sized silicone bulbs that are just the right amount of sticky to pick up small/light objects:

Using the smaller red bulb end, I was able to place my Windows/Grilles much faster than before. I love this thing!

Step 4

Retrieve your white Grilles photoetch sheet from Issue 51. Cut the two small Grille A (51G) parts from this sheet:

Glue these Grille A parts into these matching openings at the rear of the Second-Class Entrance, as shown:

Step 5

Glue the two posts of the Lift Engine House onto the matching pins of the Second-Class Entrance roof. These pins are different sizes so this will only fit correctly one way, as shown.

Fun Fact: This small structure housed the electric motors for the elevator that ran down the center of the second-class staircase:

Glue the pins of the two Vents A (60C – tall slim cylinders) into these matching holes of the Second-Class Entrance roof.

Make sure these Vents are perfectly vertical:

Step 6

Glue the D-shaped pin of Vent B (60J) into the matching hole of Engine for Vent (60K), as shown.

Before the glue dries, make sure these two parts are aligned square to each other:

Step 7

Retrieve your Boat Deck from the previous issue. Glue the two Benches into the matching slots at these locations on the Boat Deck (Aft).

Make sure these are facing the correct way, as shown:


We have a lot of loose parts, screws, and the Second-Class Entrance left over after this issue. In the next issue, we will mount the Entrance using the screws from this issue. However, the rest of these parts will not be needed until the next shipment arrives so keep them safe for now.

Next Up

Issue 61 – Lifeboats/Cutters/Tarpaulins, Davit Bases/Arms, Block Gear, Reflector Sheets, Self-Adhesives

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