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In this issue, we will assemble the final lifeboats and davits for the port side of your Titanic model.




Materials: All of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – Belgic and Gaelic: Shared Destiny
  • A Date with Destiny – Irene Corbett: A Mormon Missionary
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Lifeboats and Davits for the Port Side

As before, I hand-painted the Lifeboat Block Gear parts from this issue (and Issue 61) with Vallejo Model Air 71.023 Hemp acrylic paint. I used very little paint and dragged the brush diagonally to replicate the twisted appearance of rope:

As before, I painted the inside of the Cowls in this issue with Vallejo Model Air 71.270 Off-White acrylic paint.

Step 1

Fit the four Lifeboat Tarpaulins onto the top of the four Lifeboats. Slide the pins of the eight Lifeboat Blocks Gear through the matching slots in each Tarpaulin and into each Lifeboat, as shown.

Do NOT use any glue in this step. The parts of this assembly will remain loose for now, so take care not to lose any bits:

Step 2

Retrieve your Boat Deck assembly from the previous issue. Using super glue, secure the two pins of the Vent (59H) into the matching holes at this location near the two existing Benches, as shown. The holes are different sizes, so these will only fit correctly one way.

On my model, I have only been press-fitting these details in place just in case more detailed version become available at a later time:

In the same way, secure the two pins of the Tall Cowl (59J) into the matching holes at this nearby location, as shown:

Step 3

Secure the two pins of the shorter Cowl (59I) into the matching holes at this starboard location near the stairs, as shown:

Step 4

Glue the two pins of three Davit Arms C1 (59G – with the vertical pins) into the matching vertical holes of the Davit Bases C (59A), as shown.

The Davit Bases C have four holes in them, while the Davit Bases D only have two:

Note the ‘pulley’ detail is to our left in this picture:

On the other side of these Davit Bases, glue the two pins of three Davit Arms C2 (59E) in the matching horizontal holes as shown:

Step 5

Glue these three Davit Bases C into the matching holes at these locations on the port-side aft Decking.

Note these holes are different sizes, so the Davit Bases should only fit one way. For additional reference, the ‘pulley’ details should always be inboard.

TIP: If you feel comfortable doing so, you may want to wait to install these Davit assemblies until later on in the build. We will need to handle these large Deck assemblies quite a bit going forward and we risk damaging these small details as we go. However, for those who choose to install them as instructed, this is where the Davit Base C assemblies are installed on the Decking:

Step 6

Glue the pins of the two remaining Davit Arms C1 (59G) into the matching vertical holes on opposite sides of the two Davit Bases D (59C).

Face the ‘pulley’ details (circled) towards each other and secure the Arms on top, as shown:

Glue these two Davit Bases D into the matching holes at these locations on the port-side aft Decking.

Again, I am storing these in small plastic bags to keep them safe until we are done messing with the Boat Deck. However, if you are installing them now note how the curve of these Davit Arms should be facing towards the previous Davits, as shown:


I am seriously looking forward to the last of these Davits! They aren’t difficult, but they are very small and delicate and I fear that I could snap them at any moment. Please take care when handling your Boat Deck!

Next Up

Issue 60 – Second-Class Entrance, Lift Engine House, Decking, Bulkheads, Vents, Benches, Piping

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