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In this issue, we assemble the fourth and last funnel of our Titanic.

These steps will be very similar to the process we followed in Issue 54.



Materials: The Funnel Plating is metal while the rest of the parts in this issue are plastic.


  • A Date with Destiny – Five Unsung Heroes
  • Life on Board – Titanic’s Postal Service
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Digital Instructions (click image to download)

Agora Models consolidated the printed build instructions for Pack 11 (Issues 57 – 62) into a single digital PDF file:


The Fourth Funnel

I tend to gather all the parts from an entire shipment and get any custom painting work done up front. These are all of the parts from Pack 11 (Issues 57-62) which I masked and painted as needed. I will give further details on each relevant issue page:

In preparation to match my previous Funnel paint color, I needed to complete Step 1 early. I also masked off the black sections of the Water PipesWhistle, and Ladder and then airbrushed everything (including the Platform) that was ‘yellow’ with my Mission Models British Sand Yellow acrylic paint. I also grabbed the Piping C and Piping D from Issue 60 and masked/painted them as well:

Once this paint dried and to add some additional detail, I hand-painted the actual Whistles themselves with Vallejo Model Air 71.067 Bright Brass Metallic paint and sealed them with a coat of clear gloss for a nice shine:

NOTE: I did not mean to paint the lower parts of these Whistles with the brass paint. I did fix them after they were mounted:

Step 1

Slide the Funnel Plating over the Funnel Interior and align the slots and screw holes. Secure the edges of the Funnel Plating to the Funnel with six (6) DP screws, as shown. It may be helpful to wrap the Plating with some low-tack tape to hold in place during this process.

These steps required both hands, so I could not easily take ‘in-progress’ photos. This is the original color before I painted it the new color:

As with the first two funnels, once the Funnel Plating was secured, I masked off the bottom black lip and then airbrushed it with a few coats of the Mission Models British Sand Yellow acrylic paint. This is the color I am using to better recreate the ‘light mast’ White Star Buff color. I painted it after assembly so it would hide the chrome of the screws:

Step 2

Slide the Stay Collar over the end of the Top of Fourth Funnel, aligning the two different-sized tabs to the matching slots. The smooth side of the Stay Collar should be facing up. Do not use any glue here.

That smooth side butts up against the larger part of the Top of Fourth Funnel, as shown:

Step 3

Press the rounded tab of a Platform into the matching slot at the top front of the Funnel assembly.

This Platform can be accidentally installed upside down, so make sure this is oriented as shown. Use glue as needed:

While holding the Stay Collar in place, slide the Top of Fourth Funnel down inside the Fourth Funnel assembly. Make sure these three holes in the side of the Top of Fourth Funnel (circled below) are on the same side of the Funnel with the screws, as shown.

This step is slightly out of order from the magazine instructions as I wanted to wait until after the glue from installing the Platform was dry:

Press the three pins of a Forward Water Pipe (57E – the longer of the two sets of Pipes) into the matching holes along the front of the Funnel assembly, as shown.

This Forward Water Pipe will help keep the Platform in place. Again, make sure these pipes are parallel with the side of the Funnel and use glue if needed. On the real Titanic, these ‘Water Pipes’ were actually steam escape pipes. As you go through these steps, make sure the details are placed parallel with the surface of the Funnels. This may require using tiny drops of super glue to keep everything aligned correctly:

Press the three pins of the Whistle with Steam Supply Pipe (57H) into the matching holes along the Forward Water Pipe, as shown.

I used super glue here to make sure this was parallel to the previous pipe:

Step 4

Fit the eight legs of the Ladder along and over both of these pipes and into the matching holes of the Funnel, as shown.

It is very helpful to use a pair of tweezers here to nudge the legs of the Ladder into each hole as you go. Use glue as needed:

Finally, press the three pins of the Aft Water Pipe (57G – the shorter of the two sets of Pipes) into the matching holes along the rear of this Funnel assembly, as shown.

Yep, I used super glue here as well to ensure a nice parallel alignment:

Step 5

Fit the Interior of Fourth Funnel into the top opening of this Funnel, as shown.

This is simply the top section of our previous smoke generator assemblies, without the smoke generator. It just sits down inside the Funnel.

Fun Fact: The fourth funnel of Titanic was for cosmetic purposes and did not actually exhaust any boiler smoke. The ship designers simply felt it made the ship more impressive to have four funnels. Still, the fourth funnel did exhaust some gaseous byproducts, such as from galleys and fireplaces.

Place the Funnel Cap into the upper rim of the Top of Fourth Funnel, noting the orientation shown.

There are four tiny tabs inside the rim of the Top of Fourth Funnel that match notches in the Funnel Cap:

To prevent losing the Funnel Cap, temporarily tape it in place:

Step 6

Retrieve your Base of the Fourth Funnel assembly from the previous issue. Fit the two posts of the Fourth Funnel down into the matching holes in the roof of the Base, orienting it as shown:

Secure this Funnel into place from below with two (2) AP screws:


We have now built and attached our last Funnel. I can’t wait to see them all mounted to the deck!

Next Up

Issue 58 – First Class Smoking Room, Decking, Benches, Vents, Cowls

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