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In this issue, we will create two more lifeboats and another davit, and attach the rear skylight and a LED strip.

The steps in this issue will be very similar to the steps we took back in Issue 50.



Materials: All of the non-electrical parts in this issue are plastic.


  • A Date with Destiny – Charlotte and Marjorie Collyer
  • Edwardian Era – Images of an Absurd Tragedy
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


More Lifeboats and Lighting

As before, I painted the Cutter Block Gear and the Lifeboat Block Gear with Vallejo Model Air 71.023 Hemp acrylic paint to look more like rope:

Step 1

Fit the Tarpaulin for Lifeboat (52F – the one with the slots) to the top of one of the larger Lifeboats (52C).

NOTE: The Tarpaulin Without Holes will not be needed in our Titanic build.

Slide the pins of the two straight Lifeboat Block Gears through the matching slots in the Tarpaulin and into the Lifeboat, as shown.

Do NOT use any glue in this step. The parts of this assembly will remain loose for now, so take care not to lose any bits:

Step 2

Glue the two Cutter Block Gears into the matching holes on top of the Cutter (the smallest lifeboat of the three).

Here is a quick reminder of which end of this Cutter is which:

The next thing to determine is which Cutter Block Gear is which as they are not the same. Both Block Gears have angled arms, but tilt in different directions. When installed, these need to angle away from the center of the Cutter

… AND opposite the one we created before, they need to angle to the left when the bow of the Cutter is facing you, as seen here. When you are happy with the fitment, glue these Block Gear into place:

Step 3

Retrieve your Boat Deck assembly from the previous issue and carefully place it upside down on your work surface. Clip the LED Strip into this matching location on the underside of the Boat Deck (Aft) assembly, aligning the notches (arrow below) as shown:

Step 4

Glue the two pins of the Davit Arm into the matching holes on this side of the Davit Base, as shown.

Note the position of the small ‘pulley’ detail on the right circled here:

Glue the two pins of this Davit Base into the matching holes at this location on the starboard (right) side of the Boat Deck assembly near the Forward First-Class Staircase. The holes are different sizes, so this will only fit one way.

While I am showing where to install this Davit here, I am keeping these Davits stored separately so I don’t break them as we continue the build:

Step 5

Fit the Skylight over the square rear Dome opening, as shown. Do not glue this part, but tape may be used to keep it in place.

I believe this is designed to be removable so we can look down into the Dome once the model is finished:


A few more deck details and more Lifeboats! Keep the unused Lifeboat and LED Cable safely stored until we need them later on.

Next Up

Issue 53 – LED Strip/Cable, Water Pipe, Ventilators, Vents, Third Funnel Deckhouse

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