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In this issue, we will assemble more lifeboats and then place a LED Strip, another davit, two benches, and the rear dome.




Materials: All of the non-electrical parts in this issue are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – White Star Line: Origins of the Myth
  • Life on Board – The Decorative Style of Titanic (2)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Two Lifeboats and a Cutter

As before, I painted the Boat Supports and the Lifeboat Block Gear with Vallejo Model Air 71.023 Hemp acrylic paint to look more like rope:

And, as with my forward Dome in Issue 18, I carefully used the broad side of a fine-tip Black Sharpie to ‘paint’ the raised details of this rear Dome:

Step 1

Glue the two Boat Supports into the matching holes on top of the Cutter (the smallest lifeboat of the three).

Before gluing anything in this step, we need to take notice of which end of these Cutters (and the Lifeboats for that matter) is which. The bow (front) end of these boats have a rounded bottom, seen here:

The next thing to sort out is which Boat Support is which as they are not the same. Both Support have angled arms, but tilt in different directions. When installed, these need to angle away from the center of the Cutter

… AND they need to angle to the right when the bow of the Cutter is facing you, as seen here. When you are happy with the fitment, glue them in place:

Step 2

Fit the Tarpaulin for Lifeboat (50J – the one with the slots) to the top of one of the larger Lifeboats:

Slide the pins of the two straight Lifeboat Block Gears through the matching slots in the Tarpaulin and into the Lifeboat, as shown.

Do NOT use any glue in this step. The parts of this assembly will remain loose for now, so take care not to lose any bits:

Steps 3-4

Retrieve your Boat Deck assembly from the previous issue and carefully place it upside down on your work surface. Clip the LED Strip into this matching location on the underside of the Boat Deck assembly, aligning the notches (arrow below) as shown:

Again, I used the parts packing boxes to prop up this Deck and prevent damaging the topside details:


Step 5

Glue the two pins of the Davit Arm into the matching holes on this side of the Davit Base, as shown.

Note the position of the ‘pulley’ detail on the left here:

Glue the two pins of the Davit Base into the matching holes at this location on the port (left) side of the Boat Deck assembly. The holes are different sizes, so this will only fit one way.

While I am showing where to install this Davit here, I am keeping these Davits stored separately so I don’t break them as we continue the build:

Step 6

Glue the tabs of the Benches into the matching slots at this location on the port (left) side of the Central Section of Boat Deck, as shown.

I painted these Benches back when I was completing Issue 46:

Place the Dome over the matching opening inside this square surround of the Boat Deck (Aft) as shown. Do NOT glue this in place.

As it is not secured in place, you may want to use a piece of low tack tape to keep this Dome in position for now:


I do wonder if we will receive a rear ‘grand’ staircase since this Dome is clear and sitting over an opening to look down into – excellent! The unused LED Cable should be stored someplace safe for now as we won’t need it again until Issue 63. However, the unused and Tarpaulin (50K) does not seem like we will use it all.

Next Up

Issue 51 – Deckhouse/Skylight, Winches, Cowls, Vents, Windows, Grilles

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