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In this issue, we will attach the decking and lifeboat davit details to the port side of the Central Boat Deck.




Materials: The Decking is wood veneer, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


  • A Date with Destiny – Lady Duff-Gordon: Designer to the Stars
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Lifeboats and Davits for the Port Side

In the previous issue, I painted the Winches and Lifeboat Block Gear for these issues to look a bit more accurate:

I also hand-painted the end caps of this Bench (and the Benches from Issue 50) with Vallejo Model Air 71.057 Black acrylic paint and then gave them a light coat of Vallejo Game Wash 73.200 Sepia to bring out the details a bit better:

I also realized I had not painted the stairs on my Boat Deck yet (I did the Forecastle stairs back in Issue 25). Therefore, I masked them off real quick and painted the stairs with Vallejo Model Air 71.032 Golden Brown acrylic paint. I also painted the narrow walkways between the decking planks in the same color. This is the closest paint color match I had to the color of the Decking:

Step 1

Retrieve your Boat Deck assembly from the previous issue. Test fit the Decking on the port (left-side) surface of the Central Section of Boat Deck. When happy with the fitment, carefully remove the backing paper from the Decking. Then, slowly adhere it into place minding the forward staircase, lifeboat supports, and aligning all the holes as shown.

Be very gentle with this Decking as it is fragile and can easily snap apart. As with all of my Decking, these pieces were sprayed (on the exposed sticky side) with my 3M 45 General Purpose Spray Adhesive:

Once this Decking was installed, I did notice a fairly obvious gap at the rear where it met the Decking of the next section. To help hide the white plastic below from showing, I masked off the gap and filled it in with the same Vallejo Golden Brown paint I used earlier:

Step 2

Using super glue, secure the Winch into the matching holes at this location on the new Decking. These holes are different sizes so the part will only fit correctly one way.

On my model, I have only been press-fitting these details in place just in case more detailed version become available at a later time:

Glue the two tabs of the Bench into the matching slots at this nearby location of the Decking, facing it as shown:

Step 3

Glue the two pins of Davit Arm A (46D) into the matching holes of Davit Base A (46J), aligning the curved notch of the Arm (arrow below) as shown.

The various Davits Arms and Davit Bases are not the same – this may help to differentiate the parts. All the Davit Arms here have their pins facing up:

We built Davits like these in the previous issue, so I will simply show the expected results of each step. Remember the curved notch matches the ‘pulley’:

Step 4

Glue the two pins of a Davit Arm C2 (46G) into the matching holes of Davit Base B (46K), as shown.

Note the position of the ‘pulley’ detail here. The Davit Arm pins are slightly different sizes, so this should only fit to one side of the Base. While these Davits fit together quite well on their own, a couple drops of super glue definitely help keep them in place:

On the other side of this Davit Base B, glue the two pins of Davit Arm B (46E) into the matching holes of Davit Base B (46K), again aligning the curved notch of the Arm (arrow below) as shown.

This curved notch fits around the round ‘pulley’ detail on the Davit Base:

Step 5

Glue the two pins of a Davit Arm C1 (46F) into the matching vertical holes of a Davit Base C (46L), as shown.

Note the ‘pulley’ detail is to our right in this picture:

On the other side of this Davit Base C, glue the two pins of another Davit Arm C2 (46G) in the matching horizontal holes as shown:

Repeat this process to construct another identical Davit Base C assembly with the remaining Davit Arm C1 and Davit Arm C2:

Step 6
  • Glue Davit Base A we created with Step 3 into the matching holes at this location on the port-side Decking.
  • Glue Davit Base B we created with Step 4 into the matching holes at this location on the port-side Decking.
  • Glue the two Davit Bases C we created with Step 5 into the matching holes at these locations on the port-side Decking.

Note these holes are different sizes, so the Davit Bases should only fit one way. For additional reference, the ‘pulley’ details should always be inboard.

TIP: If you feel comfortable doing so, you may want to wait to install these Davit assemblies until later on in the build. We will need to handle these large Deck assemblies quite a bit going forward and we risk damaging these small details as we go. One option is to place them in small bags marked with part numbers so they can be identified in the future, as I have done here:

However, for those who choose to install them as instructed, these are the four Davit Base assemblies and where they are installed on the Decking:

Step 7

Fit a Tarpaulin onto the top of each Lifeboat:

Slide the thin pin of a Block Gear into each of the matching slots in the top of the Tarpaulins, matching the orientation as shown.

Do not use any glue in this step, but be careful as these Lifeboat assemblies are not secured together yet:


This issue should have felt very familiar as we just did the same steps in the previous issue!

Next Up

Issue 47 – First Class Lounge Roof, Decking, Cowls, Vents, Foil Sticker

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