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In this issue, we will assemble the gearbox that will drive the engines and propellers.




Materials: The Cog Shafts and External Propeller Shafts are metal, while the other parts are plastic. The Lubricant seems to just be grease.


  • A Date with Destiny – Public and Private Funerals
  • Life on Board – Children on Board
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


The Gearbox

Step 1

Insert the four Cog Shafts into these holes of the Gearbox, as shown:

Slide the four Cog A parts (35C – the large ones without a center shaft) down onto these Cog Shafts.

The two Cogs on the left side should mesh together, as shown:

Step 2

Slide the shaft of each Cog E (the remaining large ones) into these larger holes of the Gearbox, as shown.

The center Cog will be driven by the motor while the two outer Cogs will drive the engines and propellers:

Step 3

Slide the shaft of Cog D (35F) into this center hole of the Gearbox.

This is the gear that will drive the center propeller:

Step 4

Using the supplied Applicator (Cotton Bud), apply Lubricant inside this slot of the Gearbox:

I recommend lubricating both slots of the Gearbox and Gearbox Cover as well as the two holes marked below. To allow for more precise application, I used a wooden toothpick here instead of the cotton bud:

Step 5

Fit the two Cog B (35D) parts into this slot and hole of the Gearbox, as shown.

Fun Fact: This Cog B is allowed to move back and forth in the slot so it only engages Cog D when the Gearbox is running in the forward direction. It will disengage when the Gearbox is running in reverse. This is accurate to the real ship since the steam turbine of the Titanic that spun the center propeller could not run backwards and was disconnected when astern orders were received in the engine room:

Now that all the Cogs are in place, generously apply Lubricant to the teeth of each Cog.

Use every bit of the Lubricant and frequently spin the Cogs to spread it evenly throughout the mechanism:

Step 6

Fit the Gearbox Cover over the Gearbox, making sure the Cogs and Cog Shafts align to the matching holes in the Cover as shown:

Secure the Gearbox Cover to the Gearbox with seven (7) CP screws:

Step 7

To verify proper operation of your Gearbox, temporarily insert the D-shaped end of an External Propeller Shaft into this center Cog E:

If you rotate the Shaft clockwise, all three of these Cogs should rotate:

Conversely, if you rotate the Shaft counter-clockwise, only the two outer Cogs should rotate:

Once happy with the operation, remove the Shaft from the Gearbox.


While simple, this Gearbox is designed to accurately replicate the proper movement of the Titanic’s propellers. Fantastic! Keep all of these parts nearby for the next issues.

Next Up

Issue 36 – Engine Room Floor Section, Steam Pipes, Condensers, Central Turbine/Base

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