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In this issue, we will be attaching many more small details to our starboard engine.

This issue is a near duplicate of Issue 31; we are just working on the starboard main engine.



Materials: All of these parts are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – The Ghost Ship
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Digital Instructions (click image to download)

Agora Models consolidated the printed build instructions for Pack 7 (Issues 33 – 38) into a single digital PDF file:


Pipes for the Second Engine

As with the previous issue, this pack of issues contains a bunch of detail parts, but they are all silver in color. Therefore, I am going to continue with my theme of painting various parts. Like before, instead of a bunch of small Mod Zones scattered about, I am sharing this information in one big Mod Zone before we get started with the build steps.

First, using Tamiya XF-89 NATO Black acrylic paint, I airbrushed the Turbine Steam Pipeline (33A), Low Pressure Pipelines (33E), the Vapour Separator (33K), the Detail (33O), and all eight Gangways (33F and 33G) from this issue. I also painted these parts from the next issues in the same color: Base of Large Pump (34A in inset) and Gangway (34X) from Issue 34 as well as the four Steam Pipes (36B, 36C, 36G, and 36H) from Issue 36:

Looking ahead as before, I again masked off and painted the top of the Valve Control Rods (34W) with the NATO Black.  For the Hand Wheel (33B), Hand-wheel Support (33C), Auxiliary Motor Part C (33N), and the handwheel of Auxiliary Motor Part B (33L) from this issue as well as the Detail B for Large Pump (34C), Pressure Gauge for Large Pump (34G), and the Control for Large Pump (34L) from Issue 34, I used the Vallejo Model Air 71.067 Bright Brass Metallic. However, for the round section of  Auxiliary Motor Part A (33M), ends of 34H, I just used my Metallic Gold Sharpie. Once this paint dried, I hand-painted the tiny gauge faces of 34E and 34G with a drop of Vallejo Model Air 71.270 Off-White acrylic paint:

For the Reversing Gear (33D) from this issue as well as the Detail A for Large Pump (34B), Detail C for Large Pump (34F),  Base of Lubrication Pump (34D), and the lower section of Reversing Engine (34V) from Issue 34 were airbrushed with Vallejo Model Air 72.729 Sick Green. I then washed with Citadel Nuln Oil Black to darken down and ‘dirty’ them a bit. The details of the Reversing Engine were painted with the Metallic Gold Sharpie:

That’s it for the advance paint work, now we can get on with the build!

The Starboard Engine Details

NOTE: In this issue, you may notice that I did some of these steps out of order from the instructions. This was to make my installation process a bit easier.

Step 1

Fit the D-shaped pin of the box Detail into these matching hole of the Catwalk at this inboard location on the starboard engine.

If any of the following details in this issue fit loosely, use a tiny bit of super glue to hold them in place:

Fit the two pins of the Reversing Gear into these matching holes of the Catwalk at this inboard location on the starboard engine.

The Reversing Gear has different-sized pins, so it should only fit one way:

Step 2

Test fit the four pins on one of the Gangways into these matching slots in one of the starboard engine Columns, as shown.

I could find no difference between the Gangways A and Gangways B parts, so I treated them all the same in these steps:

Step 3

When you are happy with the fitment, apply small drops of super glue to the pins and secure this Gangway into place.

IMPORTANT: These Gangways must be fitted so the arched middle section is vertical. Otherwise, they may interfere with the operation of the moving engine components (I reused this picture from the first engine):

Repeat this process along the starboard engine on both sides of each Column, as shown:

Step 4

Secure Auxiliary Motor Part A (33M) into these matching holes of Auxiliary Motor Part C (33N), orientating it as shown.

I highly recommend test fitting all of the ‘pipe’ parts in this issue before using tiny drops of super glue to secure them into place. Some parts may have extra plastic at the ends (flashing) that might need to be trimmed off with a sharp hobby knife in order to fit correctly:

Secure the D-shaped hole of Auxiliary Motor Part B (33L) onto the the matching curved end of Auxiliary Motor Part A (33M), as shown:

Step 5

Secure the two pins of this Auxiliary Motor assembly into the matching holes at the right rear starboard engine Column, as shown:

Step 6

Press the four pins of the Low Pressure Pipelines (33E) into the matching holes of Cylinders at this outboard location on this engine.

Make sure this is installed correctly, as shown:

Step 7

For reference, here are the thinner Pipes laid out and noted with their part numbers (I took this picture before I painted their detail bits):

Secure the four pins of Pipe A (33H) into the matching holes at the bases of the Cylinders at this outboard location on the starboard engine.

Secure the two curved ends of Pipe C (33J) into the matching holes of Cylinders at this outboard location on the starboard engine.

The arched section of this Pipe C goes around the crossover pipe of the Low Pressure Pipelines, as shown:

Step 8

Fit the pin of the Hand Wheel into the hole of the Hand-Wheel Support.

This Hand Wheel needs to be installed on the correct side of the Hand-Wheel Support. Note how the Support has a D-shaped pin at the bottom (circled below). Our Hand Wheel needs to be installed into the side of the Support with the flat part of the pin to the right (arrow below). I did not glue this part as it fits quite firmly yet still allows the Hand Wheel to be rotated:

Then, fit the D-shaped pin of the Hand Wheel Support into the matching hole of the Catwalk at this inboard location on the starboard engine:

Step 9

Secure the three pins of Pipe B (33I) into the matching holes of the Columns at this inboard location on the starboard engine.

Step 10

Secure the two pins of Pipe D (33P) into the matching holes of the Cylinder and Catwalk at this inboard location on the starboard engine.

There is a small circular recess in Pipe B where this Pipe D crosses in front of it, as shown:

Step 11

Secure the three pins of Pipe F (33R) into the matching holes at the bases of the Cylinders at this inboard location on the starboard engine.

I did this step and the next step in reverse as I found it easier to install this Pipe F first:

Step 12

Press the ends of the Turbine Steam Pipeline into the matching large side holes of the low-pressure Cylinders, orientating it as shown:

Step 13

Press the two pins of the Vapour Separator into the matching holes on the left (inboard) side of the forward Cylinder of the starboard engine:

NOTE: I did not install the Valve Pipe E (33Q) yet. We will attach it once the Valve Control Rods are installed in the next issue.


A lot more paintwork in this one, but since we already did it with the first engine, we are committed now!

Next Up

Issue 34 – Pumps/Bases/Details, Gauges, Pipes, Thrust Blocks, Reversing Engine, Valve Control Rods, Gangway

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  1. Your colours look good and are probably very accurate . I might have a slightly different imagining, but everyone has their own idea of how these should be as we don’t have the real thing any more – but this is the best part of the model I think. Really great details.

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