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In this issue, we will attach another section of the starboard lower hull section.




Materials: The Hull Section in this issue is metal.


  • Giant of the Sea – The World’s Biggest Ship’s Dining Room
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Digital Instructions (click image to download)

Agora Models consolidated the printed build instructions for Pack 5 (Issues 21 – 26) into a single digital PDF file:


Starboard Hull Section

I knew I wanted to paint the lower walls of the Forward Well Deck area in a color closer to the correct ‘dark mast’ color using on the real Titanic. This was a rust-colored paint used where seawater could get inside the well deck areas and it would help camouflage any actual rust. Since it was easier to complete this before starting this issue, I went ahead and masked off the Forward Well Deck section of the Third Section of the Hull (Port Side) from Issue 18. Here is the section that will be visible:

Then, I airbrushed this area with a couple coats of Mission Models MMW-05 Standard Rust acrylic paint. Once the paint dried, I removed the masking:

Step 1

As I have been doing through this build, I airbrushed and sealed this lower section of the hull with Vallejo Anti-Fouling Red 71.442 and Vallejo Satin Varnish 70.522 acrylics paints:

Retrieve your Hull assembly from Issue 18. Fit the Starboard Hull Section to the starboard (left side) of the Keel Section, aligning the various screw posts as shown.

Step 2

Secure the lower edge of the Starboard Hull Section to the Keel Section from the inside with four (4) IM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 3

Secure the forward edge of the Starboard Hull Section to the Joining Panel (9I) with two (2) KM screws:


As we add more sections of Hull to our Titanic, we are starting to see the shape of the bow take on its iconic prowess!

Next Up

Issue 22 – Extension Cable K2, Photoetched Arched/Rectangular Windows, LED Strip J2, Plastic Band

2 thoughts on “ISSUE 21”

  1. Hi, I painted the Forward Well Deck exactly the way you did and I used the same colour Mission Models MMW-05 Standard Rust acrylic paint. But mine has not even close the same colour than yours.
    I also airbrushed a couple of coats on it, but still it looks more dark brown rusty and not that yellow as in your picture.
    Does your studio light change the colour on the foto? Or did I something wrong? All the best

    1. Perhaps it is your screen/monitor, but that paint color is very orange/rust colored on my model and in my pics and not yellow at all. These areas of the ship were purposely painted a rusty color to hide any actual rust as they were exposed to seawater from waves. It is not the same light tan as used on the funnels.

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