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In this issue, we will assemble the second funnel of our Titanic.

This issue will be very similar to the steps we followed to build the first funnel in Issue 11.



Materials: The Funnel Plating and Spring are metal, the Filter is cotton, and the rest of these parts are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – Was Titanic Fully Seaworthy?
  • A Date with Destiny – The Barber’s Story
  • Giant of the Sea – Launch of Titanic
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


The Second Funnel

Step 1

Press the long, straight pin of the Spring fully into the center at one end of the Filter, as shown:

Step 2

Insert this Filter assembly (Spring end first) into the Tank, as shown. Once installed, the Filter will stick out the top of the Tank and you should be able to push it into the tank against the resistance of the Spring:

Step 3

Slide the Funnel Plating over the Funnel and align the slots and screw holes. Secure the edges of the Funnel Plating to the Funnel with six (6) DP screws, as shown. It may be helpful to wrap the Plating with some low-tack tape to hold in place during this process.

These steps required both hands, so I could not easily take ‘in-progress’ photos.

As with the first funnel, once the Funnel Plating was secured, I airbrushed it with a few coats of the Mission Models British Sand Yellow acrylic paint. This is the color I am using to better recreate the ‘light mast’ White Star Buff color. I painted it after assembly so it would hide the chrome of the screws:

OOPS! I did not catch it until the next issue, but I installed the top two DP screws in the wrong holes here. Make sure you install these screws in the correct locations:

Finally, I marked the bottom of this funnel with a ‘2’ so I could keep track of which funnel was which:


Another funnel is ready to go! Keep all of these parts safe until we need them again in Issue 19.

Next Up

Issue 18 – Third Hull Section (Port Side), Dome, Skylight

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