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Many details are added to the Forward Well Deck and a large section of the keel is supplied.




Materials: The Keel Section is metal, but the rest of these parts are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – In a Lifeboat Heading to Safety (2)
  • A Date with Destiny – The Band On Board Titanic (4)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions



There are two small bags of extra parts in this issue. A separate flyer inside this issue that explains why and how they are meant to replace parts from Issue 1 and *this* Issue 13 with corrected colors. I am repainting and/or replacing most of these parts anyway, so this only applies if you used the stock colors/parts in your build:

Details for the Forward Well Deck

Even though it is not used in this issue, I did airbrush the Keel Section with Vallejo Anti-Fouling Red 71.442 and a sealing coat of Vallejo Satin Varnish 70.522 acrylic paints:

Then, like with my Forecastle details, I airbrushed the Winches with a base coat of Vallejo Game Air 72.729 Sick Green. I then hand-painted the windlass rollers with Vallejo Model Air 71.054 Dark Grey Blue acrylic paint (not seen here yet):

Next, I airbrushed the Bitts and Fairlead Rollers in this issue with the same Vallejo Model Air 71.054 Dark Grey Blue acrylic paint I used before. The Winches and these grey parts were then sealed under a coat of clear Vallejo Matte Varnish 70.520:

Then, I painted the shaft section of the Large Air Vent shaft with Mission Models MMW-05 Standard Rust acrylic paint. This color is intended to recreate the ‘dark mast’ paint typically found along the lower walls of Titanic’s open passenger deck areas:

Finally, I painted the sides of the Steps with the same Mission Models MMW-05 Standard Rust paint. To try and match the color of the stock Decking, I topped these Steps with Vallejo Model Air 71.032 Golden Brown. To give them the appearance of wood grain, I applied the first two coats and waited for the paint to get tacky. Before it fully dried, I dragged a dry brush across the surface to create the impression of wood grain:

Step 1

Retrieve your Forward Well Deck assembly from the previous issue. Press the two pins of a Bitts into the matching holes at one corner of the Well Deck, as shown:

Repeat this process for the remaining three Bitts at these locations:

Step 2

Press the pin of the Large Air Vent into the center hole of the Forward Well Deck between the cargo hatches, as shown.

NOTE: The instructions recommend using super glue to secure any loose parts. However, I chose not to glue most of these small detail parts into place as I may end up replacing them later on with more accurate parts:

Step 3

Press the keyed pin of each Fairlead Roller into the matching holes on either side of the Large Air Vent, aligning them as shown:

Step 4

Press the pins of each Winch into the matching holes behind the Smaller Well-Deck Hatch, as shown:

These holes are different sizes, so each Winch will only fit the correct way:

Step 5

Press the pin of each Air Vent into the holes at these locations on the Forward Well Deck:

Step 6

Press the two pins of each Step (13B) into the matching holes at these locations on the Forward Well Deck.

The two holes are different sizes, so these Steps will only fit flush when installed the correct way:


Our Forward Well Deck is coming along quite nicely, but it will really look the part once we are able to install the other details and the cargo cranes. Keep the unused Keel Section and IM screws stored safely until we need them again in Issue 15.

Next Up

Issue 14 – Vents, Air Intake, Officer’s Quarters, Decking

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