ISSUES 11-20

This is just a page to group the issues by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Issue 11 – Tank, Smoke Generator Holder, Grille, Funnel Interior/Plating, Funnel/Cap, Stay Collar, Spring, Filter
  • Issue 12 – Forward Well Deck, Decking, Large/Small Deck Hatches
  • Issue 13 – Keel Section, Steps, Air Vents, Fairlead Rollers, Bitts, Winches
  • Issue 14 – Vents, Air Intake, Officer’s Quarters, Decking
  • Issue 15 – Ventilation Duct, Lifeboats A and B, Third Hull Section (Port Side)
  • Issue 16 – Cowled Vents, Swan-Neck Vent, Ventilator Hood, Superstructure of the Stairwell, Decking
  • Issue 17 – Funnel Interior/Plating, Tank, Filter, Spring, Stay Collar, Smoke Generator Holder
  • Issue 18 – Third Hull Section (Port Side), Dome, Skylight
  • Issue 19 – Funnel Pipes/Grilles/Ladders/Whistles/Cap, Second Funnel Interior, Water Pipes, Platform, Smoke Generator
  • Issue 20 – LED Circuit Board/Cable, Vents, Decking, Antenna Holder, Hatches, Grilles