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In this issue, we complete the starboard-side bow section and connect the two bow sections together.

You may notice that I have changed the background cutting mat that I am using for this build. I found a nice dark blue one that looks like ocean water (and I want to start using the dark grey one for my Miura build), so I have switched them.



Materials: The Port Top Strip and Spacers are metal – the remaining parts are plastic.


  • Giant of the Sea – A Floating Hotel
  • Edwardian Era – The Talkies: Giving Titanic a Voice
  • Life on Board – The Attraction of Turkish Culture
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

Digital Instructions (click image to download)

Agora Models consolidated the printed build instructions for Pack 3 (Issues 9 – 14) into a single digital PDF file:


Assembling the Bow

Step 1

Retrieve your starboard (right) Bow assembly from Issue 6. Fit the Joining Panel the aft (rear) end, aligning the screw holes of the panel over the matching posts of the Bow sections as shown. Then, secure the Joining Panel to the Bow sections with five (5) AM screws.

This is your friendly reminder to try using 3-in-One Oil on all screws going into metal:

Step 2

Fit the Starboard Top Strip to the upper edge of this Bow assembly, align the forward rounded tabs of the Top Strip to the two matching posts of the Bow.

Make sure the small tab at the front end is inside the Bow, as shown:

Secure these parts together with two (2) AM screws from above, as shown:

Step 3

On the inside of this Bow assembly, fit the small post of the shorter, thicker Spacer A (9G) into this forward hole, then fit the small post of the longer, thinner Spacer B (9H) into this rearward hole, as shown:

Step 4

Retrieve your port (left) Bow assembly from the previous issue. While keeping the two Spacers in place, check how the two Bow sections fit together, as shown. Make sure both Spacers are fully seated in their holes:

If you are happy with the fitment, secure the two Bow sections together from the starboard side with four (4) AM screws.

NOTE: The small plates that will cover these screws will not arrive until Issue 109.

This completes Issue 9. With the Bow sections now connected, we can use the Bow Support supplied in the previous issue to keep the assembly upright.

To prepare the Cleats from this issue for installation later on, I airbrushed them with the same Vallejo Model Air 71.054 Dark Grey Blue acrylic paint I used on the Forecastle. They were then sealed with Vallejo Matte Varnish 70.520:


It is really nice to see our Bow section nearly complete. It gives us a sense of the graceful shapes used to create the Titanic! Keep the unused Cleats and GM screws safe until we need them later on in the build.

Next Up

Issue 10 – Forward Keel Section, Cylinder Heads, Distribution Valves, Exhaust Valves

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  1. Detail is generally great, but pity forecastle portholes are a bit askew. Could be filled and repositioned I suppose?

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