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Additional forecastle details are installed and we attach a top strip to the port hull in this issue.




Materials: The Port Top Strip of Forecastle Hull is metal – the remaining parts are plastic.


  • A Date With Destiny – The Band On Board Titanic (1)
  • Edwardian Era – The Race to the South Pole
  • Life on Board – The Library and Reading Rooms
  • Step-by-Step Instructions


Forecastle Details

The two main anchor Winches (8C) were driven by steam. Therefore, I airbrushed them (as well as the Anchor Chain Guide and Valves for Winches) with Vallejo Game Air 72.729 Sick Green acrylic paint to match my other steam-powered deck equipment. The Cleats were airbrushed with Vallejo Model Air 71.054 Dark Grey Blue to match my existing Bitts (Bollards) from Issue 1.

Remember, you may notice that I did not push many of these parts fully into place as I am likely going to upgrade them soon!

Step 1

Retrieve your Forecastle assembly from Issue 1. Press the pins of the two Winches into these holes on the mid-deck.

Keep in mind that these Winches have octagonal bases that need to match up with the holes in the Anchor Chain Guide, so fit them as shown:

Apply a small drop of super glue to the underside of the oval ends of the Anchor Chain Guide:

I did not apply this glue just in case I want to replace this part:

Fit the Anchor Chain Guide over the Winches, aligning the main post into the deck and the two forward oval holes to these matching holes:

Step 2

Turn the Forecastle assembly over and further secure the Anchor Chain Guide with one (1) CP screw:

Step 3

Press the long pins of the two Cleats into the matching holes at these locations on either side of the main anchor Winches.

Step 4

Press the pins of the two Valves into the matching holes at these locations between the Steam Valves. Note the orientation of the small rounded nib on top of each Valve.

I believe the magazine instructions have the orientation of these Valves incorrect, so I changed the orientation of my Valves to look like this – the top pins are farther away from each other. On the real ship, these Valves (which controlled the Winches that raised and lowered the main anchors) would have had small hand wheels on top of them as well:

Here is my modified Forecastle so far:

Port Hull Top Strip

Step 5

Retrieve your Port Bow Hull assembly from the previous issue. Fit the Port Top Strip along the upper edge of the assembly, aligning it to the screw holes in the Hull Joining Plate as shown.

Then, secure the strip into place from above with two (2) BP screws:

That step completes Issue 8. Included with this issue is a Bow Support that will be soon be used to support the hull in an upright position.


It is noticeable that Hachette did not include the golden ‘sheer’ line between the white and black hull sections at this point in the build. I wonder how they will be adding it later on. My guess is we are going to get a long sticker for this purpose.

Next Up

Issue 9 – Cleats, Spacers, Joining Panel, Starboard Top Strip of the Forecastle Hull

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    1. This part is metal. For future reference, if you look just under the picture of the parts on each page, I list the materials they are made of.

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