This is just a page to group the issues by ten each. Please use the menus above or the direct links below:

  • Issue 1 – Forecastle Panel, Deck, Anchor, Winches, Skylight, Vents, Breakwaters, Loading Hatch, Bollards, Steam Valves, Capstans
  • Issue 2 – Port Hull Sections (Bow), Name Plate, Connecting Panel
  • Issue 3 – Engine Cylinders/Piston and Connecting Rods/Columns/Stop Plates/Crankshaft/Cog, Smoke Generator/Tester
  • Issue 4 – Lower Port Hull Section, Port Hull Section (Bow Lower), Connecting Panel
  • Issue 5 – Starboard Bow Hull Section, Engine Short Connecting Rods/Shaft, Valve Rods, Link Sections
  • Issue 6 – Starboard Bow Hull Upper Section, Valve Rods, Link Sections
  • Issue 7 – Catwalk, Engine Base, Hull Joining Plate
  • Issue 8 – Bow Support, Cleats, Winches, Winch Valves, Anchor Chain Guide, Forecastle Hull Port Top Strip
  • Issue 9 – Cleats, Spacers, Joining Panel, Starboard Top Strip of the Forecastle Hull
  • Issue 10 – Forward Keel Section, Cylinder Heads, Distribution Valves, Exhaust Valves