During the assembly of this Agora Models/Hachette 1:200 scale RMS Titanic partwork, we will use many different kinds of screws. They vary in types and sizes, but are all Phillips-head and appear to be metric. Each type of screw is bagged separately and marked with a two letter code, such as AP, BP, AM, CM, etc. The first letter indicates the type/size of screw and the second letter indicates which material that screw is driven into:

  • P = Plastic
  • M = Metal

I thought I would share the details on each type of screw as I collect them. Please note that these values are based on my own observations, so they may not be perfect (use at your own risk). Any missing data in the tables will be added when I receive those screws in later issues.

Screws for Plastic

APPBPanBlack2.3x5 mm7
BPPB/PMPanBlack2.6x6 mm7, 8
CPPMPanBlack2.3x4 mm8

Screws for Metal

AMPMPanBlack2.6x4 mm2, 4
BMKMCountersunkBlack2x4 mm3
CMKMCountersunkBlack1.7x4 mm3
DMPWMFlangedBlack2.6x4 mm6
EMPMPanBlack2.3x4 mm7
FMPBPanBlack2.3x5 mm7

Building the RMS Titanic from Agora Models/Hachette