During the build of this Agora Models 1:200 scale RMS Titanic partwork, I will use different paints, markers, and washes to add some additional color to the model and correct some inaccuracies versus the real ship. It is worth noting that there is still much debate regarding the true colors of the Titanic as all photos of her are in black and white. I will be relying on multiple sources to the best I can: from various books, to recent 3D renderings, to Ken Marschall’s fantastic paintings.

Each builder is different, and my choices below are not the only options, so feel free to do your model any way you like. These are merely what I thought would help spruce up my own model. I have included links to the products (but you can likely get them anywhere hobby supplies are sold) and links to the issues where I used them. This page will be updated throughout the build.


My Paints

These are the various paints I have used along the way. I typically thin my Tamiya acrylics to about a 50/50 mix of paint and 70% isopropyl alcohol to allow for faster drying and easier airbrushing. However, for Vallejo Model Air/Game Air and Mission Models paints, I usually spray them straight from the bottle or thin them a bit with water or Vallejo Airbrush Thinner.

Vallejo VarnishSatin70.522Used to seal all exterior hull painting
Vallejo VarnishMatte70.520Used to seal most other painting
Vallejo Surface PrimerBlack73.6021, 14
Vallejo Model AirWhite71.0011
Vallejo Model AirOff White71.270 - Included in Vallejo Navy Titanic Paint Set 71.6461, 14
Vallejo Model AirDark Grey Blue71.054 - Also included in Vallejo Model Air Paint Case Set 71.170
1, 8, 9, 12, 13
Vallejo Model AirBright Brass71.067 - Also included in Vallejo Model Air Paint Case Set 71.1701
Vallejo Game AirSick Green72.729 - Also included in Vallejo Game Air Paint Case Set 72.8721, 8, 13
Vallejo Model AirAnti-Fouling Red71.442 - Included in Vallejo Navy Titanic Paint Set 71.6462, 4, 5, 6, 10, 13
Mission ModelsBritish Sand YellowMIOMMP0393, 11
Vallejo Model AirSignal Red71.070 - Also included in Vallejo Model Air Metallic Set 71.1813
Mission ModelsStandard RustMIOMMW00513
Vallejo Model AirGolden Brown71.032 - part of Old and New Wood Effects Set 71.18713
Vallejo Game WashBlack73.20114
Vallejo Game AirBeastly Brown72.74320

While I occasionally use fine-tip paint brushes to apply paint, most of the time I use my Grex Tritium.TG airbrush system. It is a fantastic product, but if you want the whole Grex GCK03 kit with compressor and accessories, it can cost nearly $400 USD.

There are less expensive airbrush systems out there that can easily do the job, from Master Airbrush, Iwata, Paasche, and so on. However, I wanted the Grex’s dual-action pistol grip (I have big hands) and a quiet, adjustable, and reliable compressor with a built-in air-dryer. This system was recommended to me by a trusted hobby shop owner and I have been very satisfied with it.

I also have a basic Iwata Neo CN airbrush that I use with ‘gummy’ paints (especially metallics) in order to keep that gunk out of the Grex.


I build indoors in a spare bedroom, so I needed someplace I could spray paint without killing myself with fumes and covering everything in over spray. I found this great little Master Airbrush Portable Spray Booth and absolutely love it. It folds up for easy storage and includes a thick filter, decent airflow, LED lighting, turntable, and an external ducting system:

My Markers

These are the various markers I have used along the way:

SharpieFine PointMetallic Gold1
ArtistroAcrylic Paint PenDark Grey3
ArtistroAcrylic Paint PenBlack5
MolotowChrome Pen1mm5, 6